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Institutional Repository: Deposit Requirements

Color Code for Edits

As you review this guide, please add your edits in a different color so that we may discuss at our next meeting.

Copyright Advice

The library cannot provide legal advice related to copyright - if you have specific questions, please consult your publisher, General Counsel, an attorney, etc.  Copyright is the author's responsibility only.  

Copyright Requirements

There are two essential activities related to copyright of files submitted to the MARS:

1.  The submitter must be the copyright owner OR have permission from the copyright owner to deposit the material.  No material may be deposited where doing so is prohibited under existing copyright agreements or law.  

2.  The submitter must also have the right to grant Midwestern University Library the non-exclusive right to preserve and disseminate the material.

For more about copyright information, click here.

What to Deposit

MARS was designed to disseminate scholarly output and research information.  This can be both qualitative and quantitative.  Consider information or data that you would want to share with colleagues in your field.


Suggested content types below (providing you meet the Copyright Requirements):

  • Journal articles
  • Preprints
  • Conference presentations, papers, posters
  • Course handouts and documents for public use 
  • Raw data files
  • Software
  • Video and sound recording
  • Working papers
  • Reports
  • Unpublished material


All material submitted needs to be in electronic format.  The library requires most files to be in PDF format.  If the submission cannot be added as a PDF, please contact us at (internal guide--triage like reference email)


MARS was intended to preserve accepted materials long term.  In rare cases, items may be removed at the request of the submitter and/or author or for legal reasons. Please see Data Withdrawal for more information. 

Faculty Syllabi and Midwestern Dissertations/Theses

Faculty syllabi are added by the library and not for public use.  If you are interested in making your syllabus public, contact

Midwestern dissertations and theses are deposited by a separate process.  Please see our Theses and Dissertations guide for more information on depositing these resources.

User Access

Generally speaking, MARS will make submitted material publicly accessible in a timely manner.  If there are materials that should not be available for public access (such as administrative documents, Midwestern University-only documents), or that should not be immediately publicly available (such as dissertations, or publisher-required embargoes), the Library can permanently restrict access to either a community or restrict for a predetermined period of time.  Contact us at to determine if a restriction request is appropriate.

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