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Institutional Repository: Metadata Only Records

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Metadata Definition

Metadata:  a set of data that describes and gives information about other data

For example, a citation of a published article is considered metadata about the actual article: 

Prozialeck W, Lamar P. Interaction of cadmium (Cd2+) with a 13-residue polypeptide analog of a putative calcium-binding motif of E-cadherin. June 2021. doi:10.25395/mwu.2019.14867784.v1 

Authors:  Prozialeck W, Lamar P.

Article Title:  Interaction of cadmium (Cd2+) with a 13-residue polypeptide analog of a putative calcium-binding motif of E-cadherin.

Date Published:  June 2021

DOI (Digital Object Identifier):  doi:10.25395/mwu.2019.14867784.v1 

**Add an image of a Midwestern Open-Access citation, identifying authors, article title, pages, journal title, etc.

**Add a second thumbnail image that links to the full text of the citation above.

Requirements for Metadata Only Records

MARS is not the place to submit private, sensitive, or confidential data.  It is not clinic-friendly nor HIPAA compliant.  However, it is possible to create metadata only records in the Institutional Repository, in order to make others aware of this data, and the processes and procedures they must adhere to for gaining access to this data.

  • To submit a meta data only record, DO NOT SUBMIT ANY DATA FILES, but you will enter information about the data set (for example, authors, title, abstract, etc.)

Elements Instructions

In order to add citation only without a copy of the item, select Deposit Without Files in Elements.

Image of Deposit Without Files section in Elements

For step-by-step instructions on depositing from Elements, please see the How to Deposit from Elements page.

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