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Institutional Repository: Data Withdrawal

Data Withdrawal

  1. Data editing, correction, errata, etc. 

  1. What to do with retracted items 

**Maybe hide this page until after entire guide is public?**

Data Editing

Submissions to MARS are curated for metadata purposes only.  Any editing, corrections, or errata are the responsibility of the submitter.  If you find any of these edits needing to be made, please contact us



MARS was intended to preserve accepted materials long term.  In rare cases, items may be removed at the request of the submitter and/or author or for legal reasons.


(This information is also found in box on deposit requirements page, but there is more information within that box.)

How to Request Removal

Add who to contact, "rules for withdrawing", how long will it take to process this request?

Items to be considered for removal--what kinds of rules can we make before this launches?  I feel like it belongs in the same boat as FAQ.


Downers Grove Campus Library (630) 515-6200
Littlejohn Hall
555 31st St. Downers Grove, IL 60515

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Glendale Campus Library (623) 572-3308
Sahuaro Hall
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