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Physician Assistant: E-Books for Glendale Classes

Find Required Textbooks

E-Books for Glendale PA Classes

Welcome PA Students,

  • The e-books on the following tabs are required for your classes.
    • NOTE:  Not all required textbooks are available as e-books, some are print only.
  • Check the Find Required Textbooks box to find all books for your program.
    • Search by course: passg or search by instructor's last name: smith.



Glendale PA e-book lists updated: January 2019

Anatomy Aids

These 2 anatomy online resources may aid in your anatomy studies.  Anatomy.TV contains graphic images that can be manipulated up, down, and rotated through the body's many layers from bone to skin.  Create a personal account within Anatomy.TV to create quizzes for yourself.  Acland Anatomy contains videos of fresh human specimen dissections and much more.




NOTE:  Grant's has a new 17th edition, see below.

NOTE:  Gray's Atlas has a new 3rd edition, see below.

NOTE:  Guyton's has a new 14th edition, see below.

NOTE:  Medical Genetics has a new 6th edition, see below.

NOTE:  Bates has a new edition, see below.

NOTE:  Essential Clinical Procedures has a new 4th edition, see below.

NOTE:  Goldman's has a new 26th edition, see below.

NOTE:  Harriet Lane has a new 22nd edition, see below.

NOTE:  Nelson's has a new 21st edition, see below.

NOTE:  The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy e-book (46th ed / c2014) is no longer updated.  Use the Sanford Guide database, instead, as listed in the right-hand column of this page.

Please refer back to the tab:  Year 1 - E-books:  other PA courses, which lists many texts pertinent for your rotations.  The librarians are also available to make suggestions as to useful e-books and resources.  Give them a call at 623-572-3308.

You may find these databases useful, as well:

NOTE:  Bastes has a new 13th edition, see below.

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