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Reserving a Study Room in Glendale

How to reserve a single or group study room:

  • Reserve a room online through MWUnet or in person at the Glendale service desk
  • If you need to cancel your reservation, contact the library at (623) 572-3308
  • Rooms may be reserved the same day and/or the next 7 days in advance
  • You may reserve rooms in half hour increments
  • A group or single person may reserve a room for 3 hours total per day*
  • You must know the correct spelling of the first and last names of everyone in your study group
  • When you reserve a room, each individual added to the room receives a confirmation email
  • If you receive an email confirming a reservation that you did not make, please contact the library at (623) 572-3308

*The 3 hour limit includes everyone studying together in a room whether or not their names were used to reserve that room. It also includes time reserved for a single person room.

Glendale Study Room Policies

  • The only rooms that can be reserved for a single person are 2-D and 2-F
  • If a group does not show after 1 hour, they forfeit their reservation and the room will be made available for another person or group
  • Library staff reserves the right to remove personal belongings left unattended in an unreserved room
  • If vacating early or canceling, please inform the library staff
  • We do not take room reservations over the phone, email or chat

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Glendale Campus Library (623) 572-3308
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