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Collaborating with the Library

A librarian-guided classroom instruction session can introduce or reinforce program goals such as including:

Access and interpret current, credible sources of medical information

  • become familiar with library materials
  • select and use appropriate databases
  • identify peer-reviewed journals
  • critically evaluate research materials for credibility and relevance

Utilize current scientific evidence to inform clinical decision-making

  • develop a research question
  • create an efficient and effective search strategy
  • determine levels of evidence, and applicable to their field study

Contribute to the scientific literature by creating publishable scholarship

  • understand the peer review process
  • use information ethically by understanding when and how to reference others’ work
  • utilize citations managers effectively using a reference manager -- Papers or EndNote

Discover strategies and sources for lifelong learning

  • track the literature to identify gaps or emerging topics in the field
  • find and utilize board review materials,
  • utilize apps for rotations and residencies
  • find sources of high quality medical literature upon graduation

Options for instruction session include

  • In person--classroom teaching--introductory or when the skills are most appropriate; provide and grade assessments if needed
  • Asynchronous teaching materials in Canvas, such as links, handouts, online tutorials, and assessments

Recommendations for Librarian Classes

To make sessions with a librarian productive for students, faculty, and librarians, consider the following recommendations. Contact your librarian to discuss further details and best practices.

Request librarian instruction ahead of time.

Schedule with librarians as you arrange for other speakers for your course. Secure a time that supports a logical flow of content for the course and student workload. 'Point-of-need' instruction targeted to a specific assignment is usually more effective than a general library overview too early.

Meet with a librarian.

Please plan to meet with a librarian for new sessions or after changes to the curriculum.* Discussing assignments and research requirements with the course director helps the librarians construct distinctive lesson plans, instructional material, and applied activities to support the needs of your students.
            *Meetings may not be needed for repeat sessions or minor course alterations.

Consider multiple short sessions and outside-of-class support.

Background research is an iterative process, not step-by-step completed at one time. Librarians are often asked to teach lengthy, comprehensive classes from 50 to 150 minutes long. Breaking up library sessions aligns with the non-linear process of research and allows material to be taught at ‘point-of-need.’ Librarian support outside of class may be needed to reinforce or reintroduce concepts, strategies, or resources.

Provide librarian access to the course material and Canvas course.

Examining relevant course material in Canvas such as the syllabus, assignment, and capstone curriculum helps the librarian provide the most current and relevant library resources and tools for student success.

Plan to attend the library class.

Librarian-faculty exchanges during class helps to reinforce concepts and provide connections to other course content and curriculum. Faculty are available to answer specific assignment questions.  

Consider collaboration on the assignment.

Are you less than pleased with student performance on an assignment? Librarians can provide assignment feedback to enhance student success using library resources.  In addition, librarians can collaborate to design new, meaningful research projects.

Alert the librarian to any accommodations or assistive technologies a student might require. 

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