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Writing Support: Paraphrasing

For students at MWU

Proper Attribution

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding what constitutes plagiarism, unintentional or not.

Basic instructions on citing:

  • Paraphrasing, quotations, adapted or reprinted tables and figures, and data sets require citations.
  • Provide citations for facts and figures that are not common knowledge.
  • Cite yourself if you are using material you presented previously
  • Only cite works you have read. Reading the abstract doesn't count!
  • Avoid citing secondary sources (i.e. information first reported in another source).

Places where you might find data you are required to cite:

  • Electronic article(s)
  • Print journal article(s)
  • Web page(s)
  • Drug monographs from electronic databases

View the AMA or APA guides for more guidance:


Learn about paraphrasing and synthesizing information.

From MWU Learning Specialists:

From APA:


Book About Paraphrasing:

Writing Literature Reviews

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