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Elements Help: Publication Search

Adjusting Name-Based Searching

You can adjust the publications placed in the pending section of your profile by adjusting the name-based searching. If you have many publications that aren't yours or are missing many of your publications, you can try changing the name-based search parameters.

1.) Click on the menu icon in the upper left of the screen. Go to the My Profile tab, and under the Setting column, click on Name-Based Search.

2.) In the Name-Based Search Terms, type an alternate form of your name in the Name Variants box and click the green plus to add it to your profile. 

Add additional institutions you have been affiliated in the Addresses box and click the green plus to add it to your profile. Scroll down and SAVE additional institution affiliations.

screen shot of publication search


3.) You can add additional parameters to further refine the results, but keep in mind only articles meeting all your added search parameters will be added to the pending publications of your profile. If you need help determining the best parameters to use for your profile, please email

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