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EndNote Online: Organizing References

About Groups & Organizing References

EndNote uses groups to organize references by project, subject, etc. [Unfiled] is the default location if references are not placed in a specific group.

Groups = Folders

Create Groups

  1. From the menu at the top of the page, click Organize
  2. Click New group.
  3. Name your group. 
  4. Click My References in the menu bar to view your groups and prepare to move references.  

Moving References to Groups

  1. From the menu at the top of the page, click My References
  2. Select your [Unfiled] group in grey menu to the left.  
  3. Along the left side of your reference list, click the check boxes near the reference titles that you want to move to a group. 
  4. From the Add to group... dropdown, select your group.
  5. Your references will move to the appropriate group on the gray side menu. 
    Moving gif of the cursor selecting articles by click on a box to the left of the articles and moving to the top of the EndNote Online page and select "Add to group"

Sharing Groups

Note: Attachments are not shared with other users in EndNote Online regardless of access privileges.

  1. Select Organize then Manage My Groups.
  2. Go to the group you want to share and select Manage Sharing.
  3. Click Start sharing this group.
  4. Type in emails to share the group. 
    • The emails need to be the same used for their EndNote account. 
  5. Choose if they will be able to Read Only or Read and Write the group. 
  6. Click Apply.  
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