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Using EndNote 21: Adding PDFs

Instructions for setting up libraries, CWYW and sharing libraries using EndNote 21 by Clarivate.

Attaching PDFs

PDFs can be attached to an existing reference

  1. Locate relevant PDFs downloaded on any drive or device
  2. Find the EN record in your library. Double click on the title of the reference
  3. In the preview panel that appears, click on Summary
  4. Click on the +Attach file button
  5. Browse for PDF. Click Open
  6. Save reference

Importing PDFs

PDFs can be imported to EndNote 21 if the file contains the reference data or metadata (author, title, journal, etc.)

  1. Locate a PDF on your device
  2. File, Import, Select File... or Folder...
  3. Browse for PDF. Choose the file
  4. Select PDF for Import option. Click import
  5. A record will be created with the article data and the pdf will be attached

Auto Import Folder

If you save PDFs without having the reference in EN 21, you can set a preference to have EN 21 automatically import files each time you open the EN 21 application. If the pdf has reference data or metadata, it will create a reference with the pdf attached

  1. Select Edit, Preferences
  2. Find PDF Handling and select the "Enable automatic importing" check box to enable automatic importing of your PDFs
  3. References will import into Unfiled and Imported references groups. Add references to a topic group so you can find it again quickly

If you import a PDF and see the title of the article is between carets <title>, the record will be empty of data. Import the reference from a database and then attach the PDF or enter the reference data manually. 

Find Full-text

Use the find full text command in EndNote 20 to locate the full-text PDF articles of references already in your EndNote library. 

In action: EndNote 20 (Windows) Find Full Text (1:21 mins)

Annotating PDFs

EN 20 allows users to annotate the pdfs in the library. View the short video to learn to use the annotation feature in EN 20.

In action: EndNote 20 (Windows) Annotating PDF Files (1.04 mins)

Get Help

Please contact a if you have questions on using and storing EndNote libraries
Please send an inquiry to Clarivate if you are not finding an answer to your issue

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